Who Says We Cant Save Up on Gas Consumption?

Convert 2 EV: All you need to transform your Car and Consume Green Energy

Build Your Own Electric Car Who Says We Cant Save Up on Gas Consumption?Convert 2 EV is a product manual written by environmentalist couple Les and Jane Oke. The authors have been living green in the last 20 years and they have exhausted all possible options of living green and conserving Mother Nature. Convert 2 EV is a guide to car owners in converting their car to consume electric energy and save up thousands of dollars on gas consumption and help maintain a clean and green environment by non-contribution to the hazardous effect of fumes and combustions from mobile vehicles.

electric car cover image Who Says We Cant Save Up on Gas Consumption?Convert 2 EV is a collection of their knowledge on keeping green and saving more. It was written in a manner that a new car owner with little knowledge on the physical body and engine design can understand and implement. The first part of discusses optional cars that you can convert to an electric vehicle. The reason is that not all cars can be customized to run with and electrical charge. For the materials that is necessary for conversion from choosing your electric motor to finding the best buy for batteries. There is a part in the book that discusses the benefits of reconditioning used batteries and how they can effectively fit the energy source. If along the process of conversion you find yourself unable to proceed, the couple has set up an online support system ready to answer any of your queries at any given time.

The process of conversion is tasking and will consume both time and effort to make it work. It is a process that needs patience and determination and an effective guide to make the time worth it. Convert 2 EV provide instructional materials clearly illustrated and equally supported by real time technical assistance when warranted. Before rendering a conversion, find a partner to help you out with the detailing task. Convert 2 EV is a DIY guide but it does not promote a solo act during the process. What it healthily provides are the needed information on the materials you need to procure, the system that you need to adapt and right amount of patience to keep going when trouble is encountered during the process.

Convert 2 EV is all about running clean, staying green and saving green bills. This is another avenue for low cost living under a highly mobilize environment. The idea of conversion is to find power from the natural resources, convert it for daily consumption to save from annual budget.

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