Who Says We Cant Power Our Home With a Little Invention?

Energy by Tesla: Unravelling What Could Have Been Free All Along

Nikola Tesla Free Energy Who Says We Cant Power Our Home With a Little Invention?Energy by Tesla is a book that presents the innovative invention of Nikola Tesla, a late 19th century mad scientist whose work were never published nor made known in history for the purpose of concealing what could have been a free service and source of knowledge for anyone. Nikola Tesla is a genius in his own right and time, the only problem was, he created inventions at the height when capitalists have learned the intricacies of copyright, patent, competition and MONOPOLY. These prompted them to bury Tesla’s ingenuity.

Today Energy by Tesla, along with similar books have presented the inventions in an attempt to salvage what is left of the earths unadulterated energy and to keep mother earth as far from total destruction effected by the capitalists investors and patent holders. Energy by Tesla is guidebook, presenting in full detail, illustration and vide demonstration, what Nikola Tesla has conceived in the late 19th century. Energy by Tesla attempts to explain in ordinary and plain language the development of an alternative power generator by procuring energy from the sun. This is a creation that was developed to HARNESS the sun’s energy without the use of solar panels or batteries to generate the same. It is simply a direct act of tapping into the huge Powerball.

energy by tesla Who Says We Cant Power Our Home With a Little Invention?The thought provoking invention was effective because it opened the idea of collecting and harnessing the power of the sun with a very simple device. Energy by Tesla teaches you how to set up the machine that could power up your smallest electrical device or even to an extent your entire household. This will help you save hundreds of dollars on your utility bills. The principle is to utilize the raw energy that can be collected from the sun. An unadulterated energy that helps protects and save Mother Nature.

Energy by Tesla will give you a small portable power generator that you can bring anywhere with you, especially if you are heading out for a travel. Energy by Tesla machine comes in handy to residential areas that are experiencing sunny conditions. If you are finding a better way to contribute to the safety of Mother Nature, cost efficiency and to go head to head with the energy conductors, then Energy by Tesla can be easily downloaded at any time you may decide to get and give it a worthy try.



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