Who Says We Can’t Get Legitimate Movie Copies From iMovies

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Imovies Club is an online site that offers movie download service. The website is not similar to those download sites that offers pirated or snatched movie copies.Imovies Clubis a licensed site, authorized to distribute and share the movie licenses to its loyal subscribers. The choice is for you to get a live streaming of the movie or have it downloaded right to your PCs.

Imovies Club offers unlimited movie downloads once your membership is activated and verified. You will get a direct link to the downloading site after choosing the movies you want to download. Subscription is onetime payment only, no monthly dues or payment is required for continued service, all you need to do is choose the plan that suits your needs and frequency. Neither will you be prompted to pay for every movie download; the only payment will be the account registration and service subscription and activation at the time of the initial account set up.

iMovies : Your Movie Portal

imoviesclub Who Says We Can’t Get Legitimate Movie Copies From iMovies

Imovies Club subscription is extends to most movie formats well supported and accommodated by PCs and, mobile phones, MP4 players and other portable devices that allow USB transfers. While IPAD and Iphones are capable of streaming the movie with just a few taps on the screen. The downloaded copies of the movies are yours for keeping, burn them in a DVD or CD to give enough space for other movie downloads. Save them on your mobiles to keep you entertained wherever you are. All account necessaries will be delivered to you via email. Every transactions made are secured so you don’t have to worry of being snipe out of your savings or credit cards. The movies you will be downloading comes with full digital access and IP protection through distributed licenses, so you are save from pirated copies. The service is not confined to the US territory, for as long as you have access to the internet, downloading is not a problem.

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Getting The Most Out OF Your iMovies Subscription

Imovies Club allows you to download at a varying speed rate depending on your internet provider’s capacity and speed. If you can’t wait to download your movie, then do watch live stream on your PCs while you download the same, if you intend to repeat viewing it. Downloading is as easy, simply locate and click on the image of the movie you want to download, choose the download or watch button and enjoy your favorite movie. Imovies Club also provides real time support for subscribers having technical problems in downloading and watching the movies. They will gladly answer your concerns and assist you in trouble shooting the same.This is your film portal minus the extra cost,iMovies.

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