Who Says We Cant DIY Solar Panels?

My Solar Plans: One Stop Site for All Solar Energy Needs

My Solar Plans Who Says We Cant DIY Solar Panels?My Solar Plans is a dedicated membership site that provides handy information on how to ecologically balance the consumption of energy. It widely promotes the My Solar Plans Program, an all exclusive solar energy building  package that teaches the value of maintaining the green environment, saving money on utility bills and making your own solar energy sources. A visit to the site will bring you a free DIY solar power presentation instead of having you read lengthy testimonials from consumers and lists of benefits. My Solar Plans Program is offered to every subscribing member along with additional bonuses like:

  • solar power Who Says We Cant DIY Solar Panels?How to Be Environmentally Friendly e-book


  • How to Be Environmentally Friendly MP3 version


  • Solar Power For Energy e-book


  • How to Make Biodiesel From Vegetable Oil e-book


  • 30 Days Free Trial to Saving Secrets Club

The main product content of My Solar Plans Program is composed of illustrative videos on how to DIY solar panel. The video instructions are presented in high definition format so every angle of the demonstration comes in crisp bright colours.

The members’ area allows for subscriber to get a detailed list of everything they will need for the set up. There is also a dedicated page discussing the reasons on why it is wise to go green. A part also discusses the reasons why it is better to Do-It-Yourself rather than buy a preconfigured solar panel. My Solar Panels Program has made it easier (if it’s easy from other product guide) to make your own alternative power source. You get to save money on your monthly energy consumption plus, you will not be ripped off your dollars by purchasing retailed solar panels. You will also greatly contribute to the global quest on green revolution by minimizing your carbon emission. Aside from above all these, you get to discover possible skills hidden under your palms. Building a solar panel for your own home could be a worthy project that can be participated by every member of the family. Here the awareness is transmitted to the next generation hence; you are secured that the world will be a better place for them.

My Solar Plans Program is among the many DIY Solar Panel guides out in the market. What makes it stand out among the set is that it comes in video presentations that you can simply pause, rewind, forward or watch over and over again as you do along the process. You avoid ripping the pages of your books or printing the same page over and over again to get the picture.


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