Who Says We Cant Cut The Cost of Airfares?

My Airfare Secrets: Insider Revelations to Cut Down on Your Airfare.

fly Who Says We Cant Cut The Cost of Airfares?Airfare is one of the most expensive investments for a traveler. So some travelers who will purchase airplane tickets would wait for a seat sale during special seasons to save or get some discount on the regular prices of the airfare. There are a lot of undeclared expenses as to where the payment is disbursed but nobody ever asks why airfare is generally expensive. My Airfare Secrets will show you how to cut on those unnecessary expenses.

A former travel agent who was severed from his post for flimsy reasons took a vow to  avenge is unjustified removal from work by  revealing to the whole world the costs that everyone has been blindly paying ticketing agencies and airline companies with the unreasonable ticket prices. My Airfare Secret is a tip book on how to beat airline companies in their own game. It offers almost 75% off on the price of your ticket on your next flight.

To name some, My Airfare Secrets shared a lot of tips to cut the costs on the next airfare, but here are the top most secrets that airline industries have been withholding from the public:

  • When purchasing your tickets, avail of round trip tickets since they are usually sold by bundles or packages. It is also wise to opt for connecting flights and switch planes on course because they are better buys than settling for direct flights.
  • When booking a flight, choose midnight flights since they are cheaper and usually sold at better offerings. Night time flight requires lesser payment for some reasons, compared to the hustling prices of daytime flights.
  • The best days to fly are Tuesday and Wednesday. Business travelers would opt for early week or weekend schedules. Some people would live windows for Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Truth is these are the days when airfare is sold at a very cheap price.
  • Never book a flight prior to a holiday. This is usually the peak season and people tend to find cheap deals right around this time. If you are smart and want to enjoy the holidays but only after, find flight schedules after every major holiday and be surprise as how much price is dropped.
  • After a ticket purchase some airlines would usually drop the prices of their tickets, if you notice this, give the agency a call and discuss the issue and ask for my airfare secrets 1 Who Says We Cant Cut The Cost of Airfares?a rebate if possible or a better travel arrangement to compensate for the price you have paid for.
  • When flying opt for alternate routing and be surprise that the expenses you will incur are very very low.
  • Lastly, avoid buying tickets from second part sites. Look for third party websites who offers airfare at better pricing, and watch the competition. This way you save money and get a ticket at a very off price.

These are just some of the few traveling tips and booking strategies that you should be aware of. There are more ways to cut on the cost of your next airfare. Grab a copy of My Airfare Secrets if you want to learn all saving tips.


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