Who Says We Cant Be Self Made Programmers of Mobile Applications?

IPhone Dev Secrets: A New Profession for the Unhappy Professional

4574623 f260 Who Says We Cant Be Self Made Programmers of Mobile Applications?If you are considering of shifting careers or switching product ventures then you may want to consider application development for iphones and ipads. Iphone Dev Secrets have unleashed the potentials of bored professionals and home bums like you have gone tired of doing routine occupation. Learning the process of making applications that can be worth millions is a better venture compared to gaining additional expertise in your field already. A career change is always in order when you are no longer productive like you were during your first years in the job. Iphone Dev Secrets will keep your hands and minds busy and it can give you twice as much what you are earning right now.

Screen shot 2011 01 22 at 5.35.40 PM Who Says We Cant Be Self Made Programmers of Mobile Applications?IPhone Dev Secretsis a 4-week course focusing on the programming skills of the learner. It caters to educating almost anyone who desires to get in the application making industry. It offers a crash course on application development without having to go through binaries and theorems that programming professionals learned in college. It can be utilized to make your own applications for your own iphone or ipad or it can be sold for the public to consume.  Applications are those items on the menu button that are customizable accordingly to the tastes and ideals of the user. They can be organizers, games or media processors that can add hype to your phone.

The first week of the  iPhone Dev Secrets course is focused into identifying and applying Cocos2d toolkit and program stimulation using 2d. This initial class introduces anything you need to learn about 2d stimulation and manipulation. The second week enters the more advanced features of the 2d programming and alongside with the mastery of the same is the introduction to Xcode and iWebkit while you learn techniques to improve your programs. The third week is confined to the editing process of both 2d and 3d animations. Every detail about 2d and 3d is complicatedly discussed during this week. The final week of iPhone Dev Secrets is more on the advertising and marketing of your application. Ways to make it known and the possible routes that you need to override to be certified by the Apple Developers.

IPhone Dev Secrets is designed to equip anyone with the knowledge of creating applications either for personal use, for professional enhancement or even for business venture.



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