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Who Says We Cant Power Our Home With a Little Invention?
Energy by Tesla: Unravelling What Could Have Been Free All Along Energy by Tesla is a book that presents the innovative invention of Nikola Tesla, a late 19th century mad scientist whose work were never published nor made known in history for the purpose of concealing what could have been a free service and source of knowledge for anyone. Nikola Tesla is a genius in his own right and time, the [...]
Who Says We Cant Benefit From a 19th Century Invention?
Tesla Generator: 19th Century Invention Recues the 21st Century Tesla Secret refers to the Tesla Generator designed by a 19th century genius who has devised inventions far beyond his time. He was inspired by the simple objective of economic justice. That is to provide power to everyone. The alternative energy designed by Nikola Tesla and embodied in the generator is impeccable and known to be [...]
Who Says We Cant Power Any Device?
Tesla Secrets Revealed: Alternative Energy Plans for Everyone Tesla Secrets is a self taught alternative energy device module manual that teaches how to generate your own power at home as adapted from the principles of a 19th century mad scientist, Nikola Tesla. Nikola Tesla lived through the Industrial Revolution which at the time was the height of introducing man made creations and inventions [...]
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