Exclusive Exercise Workout Plans for Women

Flavia DelMonte Flavilicious Fitness11 199x300 Exclusive Exercise Workout Plans for WomenExercise workout plans generally target male market. Rarely would you find a bodyweight training exercises for women to be widely promoted and popularized by celebrities and fitness trainers. The reason being, most women who undergo fat loss program prefer the easy way out and more of them simply want to maintain a certain weight without the exhaustive indulgence to physical training exercises. With the advent of body building competition for women and the sprouting of sports that require muscle formation, strength and stamina, women from all over the world start to shift their preferences and enrol themselves in fitness programs originally customized for men. With the growing number of enrolees and healthy buff females, women workout plans started to materialized and marketed widely in the online market and in certain fitness center.

There are only a number of exercise workout plans dedicated to women’s fitness, and one of the leading fitness programs for the hard core female builder is Flavia Del Monte’s Full Bodylicious fitness program. This fitness exercise plan was formulated by the author in the hope that serious female builders will have a manual of their own. Undergoing a fitness routine originally targeted for the male market fails to optimize and develop the fullest potential of the body because there are certain area’s in the female physical form that men rarely address. In Full Bodylicious, healthy weight for women is achieved by simultaneously performing physical workouts targeting specific female body parts. Notice that Flavia Del Monte’s Program is divided into 5 individual DVD’s, each focusing on key areas in the body most male exercise workout plans would not offer. Bodyweight exercises for women are totally different and incongruent to the routines of men. This fitness exercise plan was conceived for the exclusive disposal and utilization by women who are dedicated to carving their body to its fullest form, by packing muscles where it needs to and shaping areas to complement a woman’s aesthetic physique.

Women workout plans in the early years were patterned after men workout routines, Flavia’s exercise workout plan is patterned the same but with an added twist and modifications to match up female standards both physically and mentally. The first DVD of the program focuses on the muscle development and carving of the thighs to sport a long trimmed legs perfect for any sports outfit and athletic activities. The succeeding DVD targets abdominal training and conditioning exercises, most women workout plans focus on the trimmed and well-shaped stomach since it is the overall manifestation of a good body. The third DVD is called BOOTY BOOSTERS, an exercise workout plan geared at giving every woman attention grabbing lower back. The following DVD targets the shoulder blades, a workout that aligns the shoulder blades to make it accommodate all clothing style. And the last video entitled Beautiful Backside will arch your back to its fullest thereby making you stand firmer, confident, leaner and sexier and more appealing. These women workout plans are full of demonstrations and easy to follow routines that can be completed inside the home or a nearby gym. The healthy weight for women can be achieved by integrating hard core routines that can also transform a sleeping body into a physical beauty.

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