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Who Says We Cant Swing It to Victory?
The Simple Golf Swing: Make the Shot Happen Golf is a game that requires foresight and precision. It is a sport for the agile and well balanced athlete who can foresee and calculate distance just by a simple glance and glare. A golf player spends countless hours under the sun to master his craft and to better his opponents. The heat of the sun is something they live and learn to enjoy. The uphill [...]
Who Says We Cant Jump Higher?
Vertical Explosion Training: Full Body Exercise to Pump Your Vertical Acceleration Vertical Acceleration is vital to any sport that requires high jumping skills. It is elemental in basketball, volleyball, high pole jumping and any other jumping sports. Every individual has an average height for their jump proportioned to their body mass and ability to lift their weight whenever suspended on [...]
Who Says We Cant Improve Our Scoring Average?
Basketball Scoring Secrets: Beat the Time with Your Scoring Skills You are a good player but you lack the skill to make the points. There are instances whenever a good player regardless of his speed and enthusiasm fails to make the basket. Although not necessarily to zero earned, it is frustrating to find out that with all the height, agility and stamina a basketball player could barely hit a [...]
Who Says We Cant Be MMA Fighters?
Ultimate MMA Strength Training: All You Need to Make It on the Ring MMA or mix martial arts has conquered sports ring in the late 90’s. The MMA was originally confined among peers who attended years of training in different martial art platforms. MMA is characterized by a full body contact combat employing striking and grappling techniques. MMA players have massive training in wrestling, boxing, [...]
Who Says We Cant Increase Our Speed?
  The Truth About Quickness: Developing Speed Every athlete in any given sports endeavor is required to display exemplar speed and strength. There are instances when athletes can beat down or subdue an opponent on account of speed. Imagine Manny Pacquiao, otherwise known as the “PACMAN”, one of his greatest abilities his speed in pounding his opponent to knock out. His rapid hits that make [...]
Who Says We Cant Swing like Masters?
How to Break 80: Swing It likes A Pro Golf they say is a game for the privilege people. It is a sport that requires talent, sophistication and enormous amount of time to develop a good grip and deliver a smooth swing. Golf requires accuracy in every hit, consistency in every flow compliant dexterity and a mental focus that is capable of hitting right and reaching far. This game requires foresight [...]
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